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• Give eating your undivided attention!  Savour your food by tuning into all of your senses.

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• Choose foods which will nourish your body and satisfy your cravings.

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• If you listen carefully, your body will tell you when you are physically hungry and when you have had enough.

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• Be aware of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours around food (without judgement).


Mindful eating means giving 100% of your attention to the act of eating. It focuses on HOW you eat and WHY you eat (in a non-judgmental way) so that you can get the maximum satisfaction from your food. 

10 benefits of mindful eating:

1.  You will enjoy your food more because you will pay more attention to it.

2.  It will help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight because you will understand WHY you are eating.

3. You won't feel deprived because you can eat the same food as everyone else.  

4. You will set a good example for your children and prevent them from struggling with food and weight issues.

5. It will help you save money. Slimming clubs cost an average of £5/week (that’s £240 if you attend 48 weeks a year)! 

6. You will look forward to Mondays! Eating will be enjoyable every day of the week so you won't need to overeat on the weekend in anticipation of Monday's “diet.” 

7. It is empowering. Only you know what will truly satisfy you, so only you can decide what, when and how much to eat.

8. It will put an end to binging. If you never feel deprived, your body and mind won't need to rebel and “binge” (or overeat) on certain foods.

9. It is non-judgmental. Change can only happen when you accept your current situation and learn a supportive way of thinking.

10. The principles of mindful eating can expand to other areas of your life. Living a mindful life can make you much more happy and content.


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