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Meet Sheri Taylor, RD




  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition degree from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.

  • Additional training in Brazil on Food Security Policies and Programs.

  • Additional training in Nicaragua on International Health.

  • Experience:

  • Registered dietitian in the United Kingdom, Canada and the USA.
  • Over 19 years of experience as a dietitian with :-
        - 11 years as a Public Health Nutritionist in Canada.
        - 1 year as a community/ diabetes dietitian in Canada
        - 1 year volunteering with CUSO-VSO and the Department of Health in Ngabang, Indonesia on projects relating to malnutrition in children.
        - Locum dietitian in the UK since 2009
  • Experience in all areas of nutrition – from weight management, malnutrition, tube feeding and general nutrition to being a Specialist Dietitian for People with Learning Disabilities,
  • Member of the Center for Mindful Eating in the USA.
  • Member of Health At Every Size (UK and USA).

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  • Skills

    100%Member of the Center for Mindful Eating in the USA
    100%Member of Health At Every Size (UK and USA).

    currently OFFERing

    If you are completely new to mindful eating, a one-day workshop will give a general overview of the mindful eating principles and teach you how to apply it to your everyday life.

    Weekly group session are for people who are ready to actively apply the concepts of mindful eating to their everyday life. It goes into much more depth than the workshops and you get to come each week to discuss how things are going, share your successes and discuss any problems you are having. Groups are limited to 12 people so you can have all of your questions answered. You will also receive unlimited email support during the 8 week course.

    Group sessions are 90 minutes long and run one evening per week for 8 consecutive weeks (excluding half term break).

    If you can’t commit to 8 consecutive weeks but want to learn how to apply mindful eating to your life, a retreat consolidates all 8 group sessions into a single weekend. Consider it an entire weekend to just relax and focus on taking care of yourself!

    The course fee also includes unlimited email support for 4 weeks after the retreat.

    Booster sessions are for people already familiar with the basic concepts of mindful eating. They are for people who have already taken, or are in the midst of taking, the weekly group sessions or a retreat. Booster sessions offer additional information and support to keep you on track. Some sessions may also help you practice the concepts that you have learned. These are “stand alone” sessions so come to as many as you would like!